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HT-TC0851 Hydraulic Cutting Tool

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Hand-operated hydraulic tool specifically designed to cut copper, aluminium and telecommunications cable having a maximum overall diameter of 85mm.  The tool features a double speed action; a fast advancing speed for rapid approach of the blades to the cable and a slower more powerful speed for cutting.

The blades are manufactured from high strength special steel, heat treated to ensure a long service life.  The head can be easily opened to allow the cutting of running cables.  The head can rotate through 180 degrees to enable the operator to work in the most comfortable position.

HT-TC0851 features an automatic safety valve to bypass oil when reaching maximum pressure; a pressure release device can also be operated an any stage of operation.

Maximum Cutting Diameter:  85mm

Dimensions LxW:  652.5mmx175mm

Weight:  6.6kg

Storage case VAL P7 is supplied with the tool.


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