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PKS Stainless Steel Markers

Complete marking system for cables, hoses, pipes and components.
Made of acid resistant stainless steel for hostile environments and resistance to fire damage.
Fast, neat fitting either manually or using automatic tools.
Marking carried out on site using either single character or customized pre-printed multi-character markers.
Combine customized and individual characters to give complete flexibility. The easiest, most cost effective stainless steel marking system available.

Material: Stainless steel to AISI 316TI

Durability: Excellent resistance to heat, cold, corrosion, acids, chemicals, etc.

Print: High quality stamping clearly visible even after painting.

Standard Legends: A-Z, 0-9, Å, A, O, +, -, /, ., earth.

Fixing Method: Stainless steel cable ties, screws, rivets, banding etc.

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