EKM 60 UNV-L Battery Powered Universal Tool 6-300mm2

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Supplied with case, charger and battery
239 cycles completed
6 months warranty

  • One head for crimping cutting and punching - one tool for all
  • Ideal for field operations where all common jobs can be carried out with just one tool
  • Small and slim, perfect for operations in critical areas

- Universal head, flip-top style, rotatable
- Electronic control and monitoring of operation
- One-button operating concept for controlling all tooling functions
- Ergonomic 2-component plastic housing with soft linings
- Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling
LED for workplace illumination
- High performance 18V Li-ion battery

High performance motors for maximum operating speed
Energy saving function by stopping motor after successful operation
- Quick motor stop for high user safety
- Automatic retraction when operation is complete
- Manual retract in case of need
Manual retract stop with 'teach-in' (MRS+)for positioning control in case of multiple crimpings
- Multi-function LED for maintenance control, charge level indicator of the battery and for data transmission via USB adapter
- Crimping force 60kN
- Stroke 27mm
- Crimping range 6-300mm2
- Crimping cycle 7-9 s (depending on cross-section)
- Number of crimps approx 200 at 150mm2Cu DIN
- Cutting Range max. 25mm dia.
- Number of cuts approx. 165-300
- Punching Capacity approx. 170 for 60mm round, 3mm milk steel; approx. 230 for 22.5 mm round, 3mm mild steel

- Battery voltage 18V
- Battery capacity 1.3Ah, Li-ion
- Charging time 15 min.
- Weight 3.0kg
- Ambient temperature -10-+40 degrees C