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Product Description

Centralization of technical défault.
PANEL PC is a manager of technical alarm by integral BUS of the functionalities of operator assistance, of history with saving on card Compact Flash.
PANEL PC allows to manage 64 off-set modules of 12 alarms or the modules of inputs/outputs.
These modules can consist of panels of alarms J3000 or J3500. This makes it possible to preserve a treatment and a local indication (multi-task operation and degraded mode).
PANEL PC provides the following functions:
- Posting of alarms with payment to the screen.
- Operator Assistance or instruction for each way allowing to indicate to the operator the procedure according to alarm present.
- Visualization of the histories of the period.
- Visualisation of the one recorded period histories (10 000 possible pages).
- Impression with the wire of water with time-stamping.
- Carryforward of alarms at distances towards one or more subscribers by BUS (e.g.: the guard, engineering department, the control room).
- Possible remotely controllable outputs.
Use : 
- Industry, Airport, Hospitals, Buildings.